J. M. W. Turner - Giudecca, la Donna della Salute and San Georgio 1841

Giudecca, la Donna della Salute and San Georgio 1841
Giudecca, la Donna della Salute and San Georgio
1841 91x61cm oil/canvas
Private Collection

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This painting was one of three Venetian subjects, all views in or from the Giudecca canal, exhibited by Turner at the Royal Academy in 1841; he also showed three further pictures. One of the three Venetian paintings was the Depositing of John Bellini's Three Pictures in la Chiesa Redentore, Venice (private collection), the sole exception among his exhibited Venetian subjects from 1840 onwards in its larger size, 73.6 x 115.5 cm. The Giudecca, like the third exhibited Ducal Palace, with Part of San Giorgio, Venice followed Turner's standard for his later Venetian subjects, two feet by three feet (approximately 63.5 x 92 cm). This work shows the view from nearer to the eastern end of the Giudecca than that of the present picture, with San Giorgio on the right and the Doge's Palace in the centre; in the present picture, San Giorgio is in the centre with the Madonna della Salute on the left and the church of the Zitelle on the right. On the extreme right, Turner has included one of the towers of the Redentore which in reality can only be seen if the façade of the church is also visible. The Zitelle is also shown inaccurately (as also in the Bellini picture); in reality the dome is immediately behind the façade with its two towers, with no intervening nave. Moreover, the distant campanile of St. Marks is so juxtaposed with the domes of the Madonna della Salute as to appear to be part of the same complex.