J. M. W. Turner - Approach to Venice 1844

Approach to Venice 1843
Approach to Venice
1844 62x94cm oil/canvas
National Gallery of Art, Washingon, DC, USA

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From National Gallery of Art, Washingon:
When Approach to Venice was first exhibited in 1844, Joseph Mallord William Turner quoted Lord Byron in the catalog description: “The moon is up, and yet it is not night / The sun as yet disputes the day with her.” In Turner’s colorful view of Venice, a full moon shares the sky with the setting sun as a flotilla of barges and gondolas makes its way across the lagoon. Late in his career Venice served as a mystical muse for Turner, and the artist produced dozens of watercolor and oil paintings that explored the expressive effects of air, light, and water on the Italian city’s architecture and waterways.